it's about to get pretty gay

Hey Florida, sure you're just humid Ohio. A safe haven for local inbreds who thought their taxes were too high in their home states. A place where new money can get ocean front property while still being in direct contact with their trashy roots. But you done messed up with this don't say gay nonsense.

Florida you're our gayest state, be proud! Disney???? Key west????? Miami? - these might be the gayest places on earth.

Bringing attention to this issue(?) is insane! You rank 16th in the country for k-12 education, having the third highest population of the states, this is a failing ranking. You don't need to worry about your schools teaching a comprehensive anything, especially an inclusive well rounded education. Before you make specific lesson demands from your teachers, maybe you should address why your education system is failing. So relax babes, at this point there is no threat of your children learning anything. Just sit back and enjoy living in Florida, the swamps, mosquitos, dog eating alligators, rotund white men poorly playing golf, spring break.

Leave education demands to people who have a grasp on what education is, cause sweeties, that doesn't describe a single resident of Florida who doesn't work in a classroom.

In all seriousness, this domain would be better off in the hands of an activist group. If this sounds like you, please feel free to email me, for the related domains to be donated.